Telephone Extension Socket

Telephone Extension Socket DIY Guide

This is my ‘How to Wire a Telephone Socket DIY Guide’ – how to install a Telephone Extension Socket with ease. I will give you a list of tools and parts you need to make a great job. Suddenly you will be an ‘expert’ and discover how to run your own Telephone Extension Sockets and wiring. Read on and take a closer look!

Telephone Extension Socket

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DIY Telephone Extension Socket Wiring Guide

How to Run your own Telephone Extension Socket. How to shift or replace that unsightly wiring and achieve a faster Internet connection. Follow my Telephone Extension Socket wiring guide and everything will work right first time!

Telephone Extension Socket Wiring Colour Code

Telephone Extension Sockets have 6 connections labelled 1 to 6. Only 3 connections are used. These are labelled 2, 3 and 5.
Connections 2 and 5 give you dial tone, and allow you to make and receive calls. 3 is used for the ‘Bell Circuit’ to link other extensions in the house back to the master socket. Without it the other phones wouldn’t ring on an incoming call.
Telephone Wiring Colour Code Instructions with Pictures

How to Connect the Telephone Wires

The change in this rule came along with the introduction of Broadband. The ADSL filter now includes the component (capacitor) to enable each phone to ring. The Bell Circuit, pin 3, therefore should not be connected if you have Broadband. By disconnecting the Bell Circuit you will instantly increase your Broadband speed!

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Buy Telephone Extension Sockets

What’s the best place to buy Telephone Extension Sockets? Featured here are a range of common parts you need including BT Master Sockets and cable. Prices are reasonable and quality is good, and many parts orders include FREE postage! Telephone sockets are the IDC type which are easiest to work with. Ensure you buy the inexpensive Telephone Inserter Tool to allow you to terminate the wires.
Click HERE for the parts Page – all the things you need to make a great job!

Telephone Wire Inserter Tool for IDC Extension Sockets

This is the most reliable, quick and easy way of termination. Buy a tool and save damage to the Master Socket or NTE5 as you make your connections. With IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) you can terminate a maximum of 3 wires per slot on top of each other.

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