Broadband Speed

Broadband speed is for some people much slower than they would like.

Sometimes the problem is external, in the BT or Virgin telephone network but also likely to be caused by a fault inside your own premises or house.
Put the kettle on, and have a read of my guide below!

Broadband Speed – What to check

Firstly to determine Broadband Speed you must start at the beginning. You need to know what your telephone line is capable of giving you without any extension leads, unnecessary cable runs or equipment connected or plugged in.
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Master Socket – Latest type

BT Master SocketYou must start with the BT Master Socket. This has a split front panel as shown, and by releasing the two small screws will reveal a Test Socket. This is directly connected to the telephone line coming in to your property.
Follow my instructions below steps 1 – 7 until you locate the cause of the fault.

Master Socket – Old style

Old Master SocketThis type of Master Socket is a smaller box, with no split front panel and no test socket behind. Please DO NOT remove the plate as you may accidentally unattach wires terminated on the rear side. You will not be able to isolate any other extension sockets directly wired to the line, so the only thing you can do is proceed starting with tests 5 onwards.

Tests – Start here

1. Check with a normal telephone plugged into the Test Socket that you have dial tone and can make and receive a call without any problems.

2. Plug your Broadband Router in to the test socket with a known good ADSL Filter.

3. Turn off, and turn on the Router or disconnect and reconnect to the mains supply. This will ‘re boot’ it. Wait approximately two minutes for it to sync with the exchange. Observe all normal lights on and steady, none should be flashing yellow. This indicates that your Router is now talking to the exchange.

4. Use your phone or computer to carry out a Broadband Speed Test using my link here
Broadband Checker You may get different readings.
It’s a great quick way to see if everything is fine or not. The kind of broadband speed test result you want to see is 3 meg upwards (1 o’clock onwards on the ‘speedo’) however it will be dependent on how far you live from the telephone exchange, and what type of cable serves you – copper or aluminium alloy.

Check your neighbours Broadband Speed

If you are doubtful about the Broadband Speed Test results, visit a neighbour and ask them to do the same test. Compare results. If their Broadband Speed is much greater than yours then your next step is to call your service provider, and explain that you require them to visit, free of charge, and fix it!
Look at this clever link from uSwitch – it enables you to type in your post code and see on a local map of your neighbourhood who’se getting what speed! uSwitch Broadband Comparison Street by Street

If however your speed increases to an acceptable level you now need to isolate and narrow down if it’s a piece of equipment or a wiring fault that is slowing your line down.

5. Replace the front plate on the Master Socket.

Broadband Speed6. Unplug EVERY telephone device, Sky Box Telephone lead, Broadband Filter, and Telephone Extension lead.

7. Run the Broadband Speed Test once more from the Master Socket with the faceplate on, and note the results. If your speed is within say 15% of your initial result, then your extension socket wiring can be deemed OK and the fault looks to be with one of those pieces of equipment you unplugged.

Process of elimination

Plug each one back in and do the Broadband Speed Test each time, until you find out what made your Broadband Speed drop. Replace that piece of equipment or try it round a friends house.
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I hope my site has been useful to you in order to identify and fix your Broadband Speed issue.
If you need a visit from an experienced telephone technician simply call me Geoff Ex BT Engineers .com 01702 200800 or 07790 200800 and I will put you in touch with an engineer in your area!

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