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Where should you buy a phone socket? What’s the best price you’ve seen for a new Telephone Extension Socket or Cable? I’ve found a few suppliers with excellent reviews. Purchase the correct Telephone Sockets and cable here – the right parts for the job on one convenient page.

Buy Phone Socket Cable Junction box or Inserter tool here

Buy Phone SocketHere are a range of telephone sockets, extension kits, junction boxes, NTE5 Master Sockets and an inserter tool to help you with your DIY telephone extension project. All have great reviews on Amazon, and many offered with FREE postage. Click the links below to be taken direct to the right product for your job!

Telephone Extension Socket kit including Cable and Cleats to secure to skirting board

NTE5a BT Master Socket – this is the newer type of BT Master Socket. The telephone line from the exchange into your house terminates on the rear half of the socket, and your own extension wiring connects to the removable front plate. This provides you with a quick easy way to isolate your own wiring should there be a fault. You will need an Inserter Tool to terminate the wiring.

Telephone Cable and Sockets

Telephone Wire Inserter tool – widely used standard BT IDC type push in connections.

Digital Filter Front Plate for the BT NTE5a Master Socket – This will speed up your Broadband if you have extension sockets. It acts as a barrier, preventing additional wiring from picking up interference.

Telephone Extension Socket 2/3a Secondary Socket

Telephone Connection Junction Box for jointng several telephone cables – join up to 6 separate cables together.

50m roll of Internal White Telephone Cable.

Click on any of the telephone extension socket parts above and shop with confidence! Most come with FREE postage!

Telephone Extension Sockets

BT Master Sockets and Filter Front Plates

Telephone Internal Junction Boxes

Telephone Inserter Tool

2 Pair Telephone Cable

This site is set up to help you with your Telephone Extension Socket DIY project. It will help you purchase the right telephone equipment for the job. If you have problems and need an Ex BT Engineer to get you out of trouble please call me, Geoff on 01702 200800 or 07790 200800 and I will be pleased to help you.

Telephone Wiring Colour Code

How to connect the wires