Telephone Doesnt Work

Telephone Doesnt Work

When things go wrong and you’re telephone doesnt work it’s no fun. A simple wiring mistake, corrosion or broken wire will cause problems. Look for these common problems to help you  diagnose and fix your own issues. Some of my findings have been quite astonishing! Others are common place mistakes.

Messy wiring

telephone doesnt workDuring most visits I have cause to tidy up wiring. Multiple adaptors, and a plethora of extension leads and adaptors plague the ‘Information Superhighway’ as BT used to call it. Many customers ‘assault’ their sockets with a hoover! Plug-in extension leads are a ‘sitting duck’ waiting to be kicked or knocked. Often the reason for why your telephone doesnt work, you have to eliminate each device plugged in.

A Broadband Speed Test is useful to run before making any changes to your wiring so that you know if you’ve improved things or made them worse! The Broadband Speed Test often identifies abysmal connection speed highlighting a problem. It’s great to have satisfied customers with a better faster connection and neater installation.

Dampness and water cause corrosion

Dampness and corrosion are worth looking for when your telephone doesnt work. Your service provider is responsible for all wiring from the exchange up to and including your master socket or NTE5. They instruct BT Openreach to fix and maintain the telephone lines free of charge to you, unless you have caused the fault yourself (with a hedge trimmer perhaps, or dampness due to a building defect or decorating).

Slow Broadband

Damaged equipment and wiring can slow your broadband down, making the line noisey therefore dropping the Internet connection.
BT Junction BoxLook for condensation around BT junction boxes mounted on window sills. Over a long period of time, the moisture builds up, and causes green corrosion to ‘track’ across the printed circuit board which means your telephone doesnt work. What you see in the picture is only a clue to the extent of the damage on the reverse side of the PCB.

Damp socket

Extension Socket CorrosionOpening up the socket reveals the extent of the problem. Thick green deposits bridge across the terminals in this extreme example. It only takes a minute amount of that green stuff to mess your telephone line up! You have to look very closely for this.

Building and decorating work

Master Socket NTE5Keep the plaster and wallpaper paste on the wall, and away from sensitive electronic equipment! No wonder this customers telephone line stopped working!



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