Who am I

Telephone Egineer

My name is Geoff Grove and I served 23 years with BT as an Openreach engineer before I managed to escape :-)I loved my job, but BT fitted trackers to the vans, became obsessed with how quick we could get in and out of a customers premises, and I just didn’t want to work like that being constantly chased for productivity, In my opinion foregoing quality of service and customer care. My only choice was to take voluntary redundancy and go freelance.

So here I am, now a busy, happy Ex BT Engineer with a further 3 years experience of going it alone, and I must say, enjoying every damn minute of it! 🙂
Telephone-EngineerI can help you out – with honest advice or an overdue visit.
I’ve linked up with a number of good local telephone technicians across the country, and the list is growing!

If you’re an  trained telephone Engineer and you enjoyed your work, were good at your job, and keen to carry on putting those great skills to excellent use I want to hear from you!

Have a read of my site and if you get stuck just call me!
If you ring me you won’t have to speak to someone in India, Philippines or Africa.
I don’t have a set script, I’m human, and I won’t patronise you 🙂

Geoff 🙂
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